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Tara has the ability to see and interpret auras. This generally gives her the ability to sense the following things:

- She can know about your character's species than sight alone would give her. For example, Time Lords, those who practice magic, faeries and mutants read differently than mundane humans. She can generally pick out a vampire or a demon, too. (This ability is fairly general - for example, she could tell someone was a mutant, but not what their mutant ability was. If she hasn't encountered a certain category before, she's more likely to just know "not human/vampire/etc." until she has some context.)

- Everyone's aura is unique, and usually can't be duplicated, so if someone is impersonating someone else (via glamour, bodyswap, mimicry, Polyjuice, whatever), she will generally be able to tell. If she's seem the imitator's aura before, she might be able to tell who it really is, in addition to knowing it is not who it seems.

- She can generally see if someone has been cursed or otherwise affected by a spell.

1. If your character is not human, or has more than human powers, are you okay with Tara knowing?

2. If your character imitates another, are you okay with Tara potentially noticing?

3. If your character is affected by a spell, are you okay with Tara potentially noticing?

4. In Teleios, I plan for her to be able to differentiate between people who have died and who haven't, though she is not going to understand what she's seeing right away. If your character has died prior to Teleios, are you okay with Tara potentially putting that together down the road?

And if you have any other questions/concerns, hit me up.
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Hello, this is Tara. Leave a message and I'll get back to you soon. 

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Should you need to contact Tara's player, leave a comment with the best way to get back to you.  Valued customer, associates standing by, etc.

Also, leave anonymous (or not) "how's my driving" style comments here as well.  Anonymous is on, IP logging off, have a party.


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