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Teleios Permissions

Tara has the ability to see and interpret auras. This generally gives her the ability to sense the following things:

- She can know about your character's species than sight alone would give her. For example, Time Lords, those who practice magic, faeries and mutants read differently than mundane humans. She can generally pick out a vampire or a demon, too. (This ability is fairly general - for example, she could tell someone was a mutant, but not what their mutant ability was. If she hasn't encountered a certain category before, she's more likely to just know "not human/vampire/etc." until she has some context.)

- Everyone's aura is unique, and usually can't be duplicated, so if someone is impersonating someone else (via glamour, bodyswap, mimicry, Polyjuice, whatever), she will generally be able to tell. If she's seem the imitator's aura before, she might be able to tell who it really is, in addition to knowing it is not who it seems.

- She can generally see if someone has been cursed or otherwise affected by a spell.

1. If your character is not human, or has more than human powers, are you okay with Tara knowing?

2. If your character imitates another, are you okay with Tara potentially noticing?

3. If your character is affected by a spell, are you okay with Tara potentially noticing?

4. In Teleios, I plan for her to be able to differentiate between people who have died and who haven't, though she is not going to understand what she's seeing right away. If your character has died prior to Teleios, are you okay with Tara potentially putting that together down the road?

And if you have any other questions/concerns, hit me up.
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1. Absolutely. Elijah is an Original vampire which means super flippin' old and nobody technically sired him, but rather magic made him what he is.
2. Not really applicable.
3. Sure.
4. Elijah's "died" in the sense that he's been daggered and staked in the past and thus put in a death-like state where he's desiccated and unaware, etc. It's happened to him multiple times before. I don't know if that would technically qualify, but I'm okay with that as well.

1. Well, I should certainly hope she notices Ammy's not human, haha! But I am definitely okay with her sensing that she's also more than just a wolf and actually a goddess.
2. Not really applicable.
3. Sure.
4. Definitely not applicable.
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Fabulous. :|b
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So Tara can pick up anything she wants from my girls! Amy is human BUT SHE HAS DIED ONCE OR TWICE, Piper is a demigod (her mom is Aphrodite and in canon she sometimes has a pink aura, so that happens), Kali was made in a lab, Lila is ~magic, and Clem is half-fairy which is actually pretty obvious from her ears, she has also died a couple times. None of them can imitate anyone, but all the rest is applicable and I'm game for whatever you'd be able to manage from them. (Also, I can give you more deets on the specific girls if/when the time comes.)

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I meant to reply to this awhile ago!

All of my characters (Neal Cassidy, Helen Magnus, and Faye Chamberlain) are free game for anything you've got going on up there! Neal's the most normal but obviously Tara knows him the best of the three. Helen injected herself with a serum from vampiric blood and it gave her the gift of longevity so she's actually 150+. And Faye is a witch. Neal's 300+ years old from his time in Neverland, so take all of that and go crazy :)
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The Black Widow

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1.) N/A. Though having the Super Solider Serum (or, she will again eventually), Natasha is still labelled as human. Tasha is, however, in her eighties, despite looking as young as she does.

2.) Absolutely, just let me know.

3.) Yes!

4.) N/A. That's so fun. Sadly, though, Nat hasn't died. BUT if she does in game, then I would be down with this.
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[personal profile] mr_manners 2013-12-07 05:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Buffy - Yes! Though IDK if they differentiated Slayer from human in canon, but you can go with it.
Alec - Yes! Transgenic (built in a lab, has feline DNA)
Rory - N/A baseline human unless she wants to pick up on that time he was a plastic robot centurion
Bo - Yes! Succubus.
Bela - Yes! She's a fire elemental which means she can manipulate fire with her mind.
Neal - N/A he is the humaniest human of all of my humans.

QUESTION 2: This is not applicable for any of them as none of them are shapeshifters.

QUESTION 3: Yes to all! Go for it.

Buffy - Yes! Not that Tara didn't already know that.
Alec - N/A
Rory - is kind of complicated because technically he died in a different timeline, but if you want to play with that then yes!
Bo - N/A
Bela - She hasn't died per say, but if you want to pick up on Bela's deal (she sold her soul to a demon when she was fourteen, and since she landed in BTR just prior to her canon death, that's probably still ... in there somewhere?
Neal - N/A
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[personal profile] mr_manners 2013-12-07 05:17 pm (UTC)(link)
LMAO that's fine. I just figured I'd put it out there just in case.

YYYYYY we definitely need to make this happen. There will be an open post when she's destatued so Tara should swing by then.

ALSO with her previous game CR Buffy has a new death that she's dealing with, and I know you said it isn't going to be sensitive enough to pick up multiple deaths, but this is something she and Tara should probably talk about at some point.
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/nods That makes sense, I'm probably going to be slower around then too. Do you have a preference if it's before or after the player plot?
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[personal profile] mr_manners 2013-12-10 12:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Let's do it after since I failed to respond to this, lost the comment in the process and it's already started. It'd probably be better since Buffy is going to be riding a Feelings Train with Angel at some point and she'll want someone to talk to.
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[personal profile] judgy 2013-12-08 03:21 am (UTC)(link)
I'm good with all of this! Some extra notes:

1. Bonnie is both a witch and a werewolf - witchly by canon, wolfy thanks to her last game. While I'm okay with Tara knowing about both, Bonnie will be less excited about her knowing she's a wolf, as she's trying to keep that hidden from most people. Tara's a nice girl, though, so once Bonnie realizes this, things will be okay.

4. She faked her death with a spell once. They didn't really elaborate on the how in canon, but given a similar spell that was cast after her canon point, I'm going to say she actually died that time.
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1. Like I said during our thread (and again, sorry for not hitting this up sooner), he probably reads as more than strictly human, if only because of his magic. He also smells faintly like ozone, at all times, but that's neither here nor there. :P

2. Considering that this might come up eventually, since illusions are part of his bag of tricks -- not one he has, at the moment, thanks Agents, but eventually -- yeah, definitely.

3. Also yes.

4. Dylan hasn't died, so ... n/a, I guess?